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Can Breast Milk Bags Be Reused?

February 11, 2020

Latest company news about Can Breast Milk Bags Be Reused?

In daily life, breast milk preservation bags are a very common postpartum product. Many postpartum mothers use breast milk preservation bags, especially working mothers. Breast milk preservation bags are designed to facilitate the preservation of breast milk. Can breast milk preservation bags be reused? Let the Food Grade Gel Freezer Packs Manufacturer tell you next.


Breast milk storage bags cannot be reused. Milk storage bags are disposable and should not be reused. After thawing breast milk, do not leave or keep it in the refrigerator, but throw it away to avoid infection with bacteria, which is not good for children. It cannot be filled with breast milk again. If breast milk has been filled in the milk storage bag and it is in a sealed state, then it must not be added any more, for hygiene reasons. At the same time, it should be noted that the temperature of breast milk will deteriorate when the temperature reaches sixty degrees Celsius. Beyond this time the benefits of breast milk have all disappeared, so be careful. Pay attention to hygiene when using, because newborns have low resistance to bacteria, so keep clean when using. Wash your hands with soap before you get the milk storage bag. The milk storage bag has been sterilized beforehand. When using it, take it one by one, and keep the rest in place to avoid contact with bacteria after taking out.


So how do you use breast milk bags? Don't worry, the Ice Packs For Lunch Bags supplier will tell you.

Take out a milk storage bag, without disinfection, open the mouth of the bag and pour or squeeze milk in. Then let out the air, and then press along the lock until the bag is sealed. Finally write the date and time with the pen.

Thawing breast milk:

When thawing, pay attention to the method, first rinse with cold water, and then slowly add hot water to the cold water until the milk is completely thawed, reaching a temperature convenient for the baby to drink. Never use a fire or a microwave oven to thaw and heat up, as the nutrition in the milk may disappear. Do not re-freeze. After thawing, just put it in a baby bottle and drink it for children. Frozen breast milk needs to be drunk within a day and cannot be re-frozen.


Note: The frozen breast milk can be stored for about 21 days, and the immune body and its components will not change. As the child gets older, the composition of breast milk will change, so it is better to drink it in one week.


Suitable for Plastic Breast Milk Ice Pack:

Some people may find it strange that the previous generation did not have such items, but they can raise their own children. In fact, the product was invented to meet the needs of modern people, so who needs it?

1. Moms who can’t feed their children in and out of work can put breastmilk in a breastmilk storage bag at work and take it back to work to feed the child.

2. For mothers who have a lot of milk, they can use breast milk preservation bags to save breast milk for later feeding to their children.

3. If the child is already used to drinking milk with a bottle, you can use a breast pump to suck out breast milk and put it in a breast milk preservation bag, and then give it to the child.

4. For premature babies, mothers can use breast milk bags to bring breast milk to the insulation room for him to drink.

5. You can store some thin and thin complementary food or soup in the fresh-keeping bag, which is easy to use.


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