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Can The Ice Pack Be Reused?

July 11, 2020

Latest company news about Can The Ice Pack Be Reused?

Many friends do not understand the principle of medical ice packs. We learned from the Custom Medical Cool Box Manufacturer that there are two types of ice packs, one is reusable ice packs, and the other is disposable ice packs. The two ice packs have different principles. Let's talk about the recycled ice pack first. The principle of this kind of ice pack is very simple. It contains substances that can absorb a lot of heat. The disposable ice pack uses a chemical reagent in the bag to absorb heat through a chemical reaction. Both types of ice packs can be cold-compressed, with different principles. There are two types of ice packs in general use. One is a disposable ice pack, which can be discarded after one use. The other is a reusable ice pack. As long as it is properly stored after use, it can be reused next time.


Disposable Ultra Thin Ice Pack. The standard technology ice is made of high-density plastic on one side and non-woven fabric on the other. It is mainly used for perishable products, biological agents and all products that need to be refrigerated and transported (if the technical ice is transported along with the product during transportation and cannot be recovered for reuse, it is recommended to use the standard two-layer). It is designed for one-time use, but it can be used multiple times under careful and cautious use (Note: But it cannot be compared with HDR type four-layer technology ice, HDR type four-layer, repeated use, cold and hot ).


Reusable type. The four-layer technology ice consists of two layers of non-woven textile materials, which are combined with trade secret formulas and compressed into a special form of cross-linked, polyacrylic polyol polymer refrigerant. The two key plastic layers inside use unidirectional fine perforation technology, which makes the plastic layer bonded to the textile material layer, ensuring that this new model can withstand the worst weather during transportation. This performance is undoubtedly a Kind of innovation.


1. The ice pack is an upgraded replacement product for ice cubes, with more applicability. It is easy to use, hygienic, and versatile.

2. Reusable Cold Packs are used for medical treatment of high fever, cooling and fever, anti-inflammatory and pain relief, cold compress beauty, sprain, hemostasis, suppuration, skincare and another auxiliary physiotherapy.

3. Refrigerated transport of various biological freezing reagents, long-distance refrigerated transport of solder paste, poultry medicine, medicines, plasma, vaccines, aquatic products, poultry, ornamental fish and fresh-keeping food for foreign trade.

4. Used for sportsmen athletes other than bruises, sprains, falls, etc. during training and competition.

5. Cooling and saving electricity in daily life, maintaining low temperature when the refrigerator is cut off, keeping food fresh, chilling beverages, and travelling.

6. Its effective cold capacity is 6 times of the same volume of ice.


This is the principle of medical ice packs. Reused ice packs need to be refrigerated for a period of time to cool down. Some friends will have doubts. Isn't the specific heat capacity of water the largest? What is the substance contained in the ice pack? In fact, like this ice pack, it is not the specific heat capacity, but the absorption of heat through the change of state. As a simple example, when water changes from liquid to gas, it absorbs a lot of heat, so after sweating, sweat evaporation will bring a cool feeling. The change from the solid-state to the liquid state also absorbs a lot of heat. The polymer material in the ice pack absorbs heat during the process from the solid-state to the liquid state, thereby reducing the temperature.


The principle of medical ice packs has been described in detail for circulating ice packs, as well as disposable ice packs. Disposable ice packs are much simpler, usually water and chemical reagents. When used, squeeze the water bag, let the water react with the reagent, and absorb the heat. The endothermic reaction of chemical reactions should be well understood. Some chemical reactions are exothermic. For example, combustion is a common exothermic reaction. Endothermic chemical reactions are relatively rare in life. A common reaction is that saltpetre dissolves in water and absorbs a lot of heat. The principle of the medical ice pack is here.

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