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Cold Chain Energy Saving cannot be Ignored

February 4, 2020

Latest company news about Cold Chain Energy Saving cannot be Ignored

According to the energy supply mode, at present, domestic and foreign low-temperature logistics systems can be divided into electric-driven (refrigerated truck) and passive energy storage. The passive energy storage type is further divided into dry ice-loaded cold type and phase change cold-storage material-charged cold type according to the different refrigerants. These three modes of cold chain distribution have certain advantages and disadvantages, and have become the three main modes of cold chain logistics distribution. The Freezer Ice Packs Manufacturer will analyze them one by one.


1. Refrigerated truck refrigeration low temperature distribution

The active low-temperature logistics refrigeration method is a reefer with a refrigeration unit, and a common refrigerated vehicle with a compressor unit is common. The advantage of refrigerated truck refrigeration is that it can maintain a low temperature for a long time. This low-temperature logistics refrigeration method is mainly used for long-distance distribution of large quantities of low-temperature goods.

The refrigeration principle of refrigerated trucks is to use the compressor to provide a cold source. This cooling mode determines that a large amount of energy (fuel) is consumed during the low-temperature distribution process using refrigerated trucks, and its fuel consumption can reach 2 ~ per 100 kilometers. 4 liters.


2. Low-temperature distribution mode using dry ice as a cold source

Dry ice has been widely used in the distribution and storage of biological products, food, and aquatic products with storage temperatures below 0 degrees. However, recently, dry ice has also been unable to escape the fate of being strangled in cold chain distribution. Major airlines are based on safety From the perspective, the use of dry ice as a refrigerant has been explicitly banned. Dry ice will generate 800 times its own volume of carbon dioxide gas during use, which has a large safety hazard and is easy to cause an explosion. In addition, the emission of a large amount of carbon dioxide gas will cause greater pollution to the environment, resulting in the continuous increase of the greenhouse effect.


3. Low-temperature distribution mode with phase change cold storage material as cold source

Due to the high cost and low efficiency of refrigerated truck distribution, and the dangers of dry ice providing a cold source, there are also safety hazards, and the temperature is too low. Dry ice ultra-low temperature ice bags provide a third option for low temperature cold chain distribution. The low-temperature distribution model that uses cold storage materials as the cold source is to use the cold storage materials to release the cold energy during the phase change process to maintain the low temperature of the goods. This mode is very useful for small batches, small quantities, and multiple times of low-temperature delivery of goods. As a brand-new low-temperature logistics distribution refrigeration method, the low-temperature distribution mode using phase-change cold storage materials has a lower cost, does not require additional energy, and is very convenient to use. This kind of cold storage material has a new name in the industry, called dry ice type ice bag. So what are the unique features of the distribution mode that uses dry ice type ice bag as a cold source?

First, a significant feature of dry ice packs is energy saving and environmental protection. The dry ice pack is a refrigeration mode that stores the amount of cold in the refrigerator and is released during transportation. It can be used as a Portable Lunch Ice Cooler Pack. Its energy cost is only 1.5% of the refrigerated truck refrigeration unit and 1% of dry ice. At the same time, because it does not emit harmful gases to the chemical environment, and it will not cause pollution to the environment, it can be said to be an energy-saving and environmentally friendly green cooling method.

Secondly, dry ice type ice packs have high cold storage capacity, low consumption, and can be used repeatedly. The cost performance is better than dry ice and refrigerated truck refrigeration. According to reports, this type of dry ice-type ice pack has sufficient cold storage capacity, and does not release gas to take away the cold amount during the distribution process like dry ice. Therefore, under the same conditions, its actual usage is less than dry ice, and its overall cost performance Better than dry ice. In addition, dry ice packs can be used repeatedly, and the actual cost of use is much lower than dry ice or refrigerated truck refrigeration.


The above is the cold chain energy saving information introduced by the Medicine Transport Cold Storage Box supplier.

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