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Difference Between Medical Refrigerator and Domestic Refrigerator?

March 17, 2020

Latest company news about Difference Between Medical Refrigerator and Domestic Refrigerator?

The refrigerators commonly used in medicine are mainly divided into: drug refrigerators (2-8° C), blood refrigerators (4°C), low temperature refrigerators, ultra low temperature refrigerators. There is also a big difference between the medical refrigerator and the domestic refrigerator in the selection of materials, production methods, clarification, and so on. The following Plastic Cold Ice Pack Supplier will introduce you in detail.


Pharmaceutical refrigerators: Pharmaceutical refrigerators are specialized equipment for medical occupational refrigerated medicines. They are mainly used for medicines, biological agents, vaccines, blood refrigeration, preservation, and transportation. They can also be used to store biological products. Applicable to pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, disease prevention and control centers, and health centers.


The temperature of Medicine Transport Cold Storage Box is generally shaken in the range of 2-8°C. The product structure is mainly vertical boxes, horizontal boxes and portable car refrigerators. Most of the products are foam doors and glass doors. The foam doors have the characteristics of good thermal insulation and light weight. Imported computer temperature controller, digital display, high temperature control accuracy, high and low temperature alarm, temperature sensor fault alarm and safety lock function to avoid accidents. The new fully enclosed advanced compressor is selected for balanced operation, low noise and long service life. Finned evaporator to increase cooling speed. Humanized planning, reliable lunch temperature control. Microcomputer control, digital temperature display, adjustment increment is 0.1°C. Air-cooled system, the temperature fluctuation range of the box is±2°C, and the temperature in the box can be stably controlled at 2 ~ 8°C by adjusting the set temperature. Built-in circulating fan, ultra-quiet planning. Double-layer insulating glass insulation planning.


Blood refrigerator: The blood storage box is a professional refrigeration device for refrigerated blood (whole blood) in medical occupations. It can also be used to refrigerate drugs and biological products. The medicine storage box is a professional equipment for refrigerated medicine in the medical profession, and can also be used to store biological products. Applicable to pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, disease prevention and control centers, and health centers.


The functional characteristics of blood refrigerator: temperature control: accurate microcomputer control system, the temperature in the box is controlled within 4±1°C. Digital temperature display, the average temperature display accuracy is 0.1°C, and the resolution is 0.1°C, which is convenient for accurately observing the temperature in the monitoring box. Intelligent control of the fan forced cooling air circulation system to ensure the uniformity of the temperature inside the cabinet; ultra-quiet planning to solve the troubles caused by noise. 3 fine temperature sensors inside the box, under the condition of ambient temperature of 16°C -32°C, the temperature inside the box can still be maintained accurately and stable 4 ± 1°C; intelligent control of the fan cooling air circulation system to ensure uniform temperature inside the box Active temperature control: large-screen LCD display, temperature setting value (factory form) can be fine-tuned in the range of 2°C -8°C, temperature control accuracy is 1°C, temperature display accuracy is 0.1°C; perfect sound and light alarm system: with A variety of sound and light alarm functions such as high and low temperature alarms, sensor faults, door open alarms, power failure alarms, and more secure storage of items.


Common medical refrigerators are blood refrigerators, medicine refrigerators, laboratory general refrigerators, and Cool Box For Vaccine Transport. Compared with domestic refrigerators and commercial refrigerators, medical refrigerators have higher temperature control accuracy requirements. The temperature fluctuation value in the box is small and the uniformity is high. Most electronic controllers are used. The temperature fluctuation is small after the door is opened, and the temperature is quickly restored. It has a complete alarm system. (Over-temperature alarm, door open alarm, power failure alarm, temperature probe abnormal alarm, long-distance alarm, etc.), and some require a temperature recorder or micro printer to record the temperature operation status so that it can be checked, and so on.


The above is the difference between a medical refrigerator and a domestic refrigerator.

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