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Do You Know How To Use The Environmental Protection Ultra-Thin Ice Pack And Its Precautions?

May 13, 2020

Latest company news about Do You Know How To Use The Environmental Protection Ultra-Thin Ice Pack And Its Precautions?

In China, the ice pack is still a very unknown term. Many housewives will be troubled, and finally, take a vacation. The whole family went out for a picnic together but found that the food they brought was not fresh enough, and even deteriorated in hot weather. At this time, you need the Ultra Thin Ice Pack product. Next, we will follow the Eco-Friendly Ultra Thin Ice Pack Manufacturer to understand the purpose and use of ice packs.


Usage and precautions of Eco-Friendly Ultra Thin Ice Pack.


First, Purpose To reduce body temperature, reduce local swelling, reduce congestion or bleeding, limit the spread of inflammation and suppuration, and reduce pain.


Second, indications:

1. Suitable for cooling children with a fever above 38 ℃.

2. This method is suitable for children in the heat dissipation stage such as high fever, red face, irritability, burning hands and feet.

3. Preparation of objects Ice pack or ice cap, ice sac, cloth cover, washbasin, cloth bag, wooden hammer, ice chisel.

4. Operation method

1. Open the window and ventilate to keep the room temperature around 25 ℃. Check the ice pack

2. Understand the condition and check whether the ice pack and ice sac are damaged.

3. Put the smashed small ice cubes in a cold water basin to dissolve the ice cube corners.

4. Place the ice pack on the table diagonally and put ice cubes to 1/2 bag, then put a little cold water.

5. Slowly level the ice pack to bring the liquid close to the mouth of the ice pack. Clamp the mouth of the ice pack after expelling the gas in the ice pack.

6. Dry the ice pack and shake it upside down, check for water leakage, and then put on a cloth cover.

7. Place the ice pack in the desired part of the sick child's body.

8. After the ice melts, it must be replaced in time.

9. After use, pour the water in the ice pack and dry it, hang it, and wash the ice pack and cover to dry for use.

Five, matters needing attention:

1. Observe the skin condition of the cold part every 10 minutes. If there is pale, bruise, grey, trembling, pain or numbness, stop using it immediately.

2. Pay attention to observe the ice pack and ice sac for water leakage at any time. The cloth cover should be replaced immediately after being wet. After the ice melts, it should be replaced in time.

3. The use time is generally 1O ~ 30 minutes or follow the doctor's advice.

4. The ice pack is slightly higher than 1/2 full after adding cold water. Overfilling the ice pack puts too much pressure on the local part of the cold compress and affects local blood circulation.

5. The forbidden parts are behind the ear, anterior heart area, abdomen, scrotum and plantar area.

6. While cooling, a hot water bottle can be placed in the heart of the foot to reduce congestion of brain tissue, promote heat dissipation and increase comfort.

7. If it is used for cooling, the body temperature needs to be measured 30 minutes after the ice pack is used. After the ice pack under the armpit is cooled, the measurement of the armpit temperature should not be performed within 50 minutes. Because local cold stimulation causes blood vessels to contract, the local blood supply is reduced, cell activity capacity is reduced, and the temperature is reduced, local recovery can be normal in 30-60 minutes.

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