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Four Experiences Of Bringing Breast Milk To The Plane

November 21, 2019

Latest company news about Four Experiences Of Bringing Breast Milk To The Plane

During the holidays, some mothers want to take advantage of this opportunity to fly and her husband to live in the world of two people and go out to sprinkle together. But mother breast mother is so entangled? Can the breast pump be taken on board? How do you save the pumped milk and bring it back? Not afraid. Here, the Lunch Ice Packs supplier has four experiences to share with you, hoping to help these mothers.


1. The breast pump can basically take the plane.

Basically, it is because domestic flights and international flights require different locks. Most domestic flights are allowed, but it is not excluded that individual local controls will be strengthened, and you will not be allowed to take your own luggage as a self-care baggage. If it is an international flight, you can call in advance. Like the breast pump in the United States, it is not regarded as a daily necessities, but is regarded as a medical device, so sometimes it will be subject to some cross-examination by security personnel, but basically it is not a problem. And the refrigerant can also be brought on the plane. Therefore, on long flights, you can pump milk on the plane. You can also ask the flight attendant to provide you with ice cubes.


2. Remember to bring ice packs, ice packs, empty bottles and Ice Pack for Breastmilk Storage.

But these things may exceed 100ml (other countries will be slightly different). If there is a problem with the security check, you can declare that you are a breastfeeding mother. These things are all necessary for breast milk. They are safe.

And the security personnel should bring clean gloves to check. After the security check, you can seal your equipment with tape.

Some brands of breast milk storage bags can be used directly when pumping milk, and it is also very convenient.


Breast Milk Ice Pack


Breast Milk Ice Pack

3. Be sure to book a hotel room with a refrigerator.

Some hotels have a refrigerator that does not have a freezing function, so you can adjust the temperature to the lowest temperature so that your breast milk can be frozen. A small refrigerator can hold enough breast milk.

If you don't have it, you can use a Breast Milk Ice Pack. This can be kept for a while, enough for this period of time.


4. When you fly home, you need enough ice packs.

This will ensure that the milk you pump out in a few days will not melt and break during the journey. The ice pack at the time of receiving the courier at home can also be stored and kept. Then buy some of the types you need. There are water-filled ice packs and sealed ice packs. If it's not enough, you can find a way, such as looking for Starbucks, KFC stores to put some ice water into the ice bag (they are generally willing to help us with such a hemp). Of course, dry ice is also a good refrigerant. But through security screening, you and the security inspectors need to explain.


The above are the skills you can carry when you are flying. If you are not sure, you can ask the local airlines for example:


1. Can a breast pump, bottle, refrigerant, etc. be taken on board?

2. Can frozen milk be taken on board?

3. Can the melted milk be taken on board?

4. What are the requirements for consignment?

In short, the more detailed the question, the more insurance. Of course, if you still have problems at the airport, then find a solution. For example, airport express, or ask a friend for help.


Not only travel, but many business moms who are very busy. They often go back and forth on business trips. These experiences are very practical for them. The above is the experience of bringing breast milk to the plane. Have you learned it?

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