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How Do Office Workers Keep Fresh Overnight?

January 21, 2020

Modern office workers have a fast pace of work. In order to save meal time and meal costs, many white-collar workers choose to bring the overnight dinner of the previous day as a lunch for the next working day. However, one of the overnight meals is not new, and the other is difficult to save in summer, which is a headache for many office workers. How do office workers keep overnight food fresh? Below, the High Performance Gel Ice Packs Manufacturer introduces several methods to keep overnight food fresh.



1. Pay attention to refrigerating at night

To ensure that meals can be eaten normally the next day, refrigeration needs to be done the night before. Summer foods are prone to bacterial growth due to high temperatures, leading to spoilage. Therefore, white-collar friends should immediately refrigerate the food they need to eat the next day after preparing it the night before, so as to ensure healthy eating the next day, they can use Lunch Ice Packs to make low-temperature processing directly very good freshness. 


2. Seal while hot

Overnight meals are most afraid of deterioration. If you want to ensure the quality of food, you must quickly seal the food after cooking to ensure that the food is not affected by external bacteria. After sealing, wait for the food to cool down before putting it in the refrigerator or freezer, and take it out normally the next day.


3. Potatoes instead of greens

If white-collar friends choose to bring meals, if they want to reduce the adverse effects of overnight meals on the body, they have choices in terms of dish configuration. For dishes, it is best to choose potato products instead of vegetables and seafood. Once the greens are cooked once, they will gradually fade and no longer be fresh, as is the seafood. Therefore, it is best to choose potato dishes that are not easy to spoil.


4. Don't open the cover at will

Before storing food, it must be kept tightly closed and fresh. Do not open the lid arbitrarily to prevent bacteria from being brought into the food and causing the food to deteriorate. After the overnight meal is prepared, do not open the lid or stir before eating the next day, so as to truly ensure the safety of the food.


As long as the above four methods are applied correctly, I believe that everyone can effectively keep the overnight meals fresh, thereby effectively ensuring the hygiene and safety of food, and eating more secure the next day. In addition, the storage container is best to choose stainless steel or ceramic products, so as to avoid harm caused by chemical reactions.

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