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How Long Can Breast Milk Be Stored?

November 16, 2019

Latest company news about How Long Can Breast Milk Be Stored?

Although in principle, the baby's fresh breast milk is the most nutritious and safest, but there is a lot of helplessness in real life. Many working mothers can only choose “back milk”. Working with one hand and one hand, the previous materials and equipment are especially important, so what should be prepared? Food Safe Breast Milk Ice Pack suppliers will come to tell you.


1. Breast pump: Choosing a suitable breast pump will make your mother a lot easier. There are manual, electric unilateral and electric bilateral. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can try it first and try it. Which one? The most convenient to use, choose which one.


2. Bottle plastic breast milk ice bag: The milk that is squeezed hard is most afraid of being damaged due to improper storage, so you must choose a special plastic breast milk ice bottle, storage bottle, and date label.


3. Breast Milk Ice Pack, blue ice: If the company has a refrigerator, you can put it in the refrigerator of the company first. There are a lot of things in the refrigerator. Before putting it in, you can use a large plastic bag to seal it and seal it to avoid odor.


If the company does not have a refrigerator, prepare ice packs, blue ice (a refrigerating medium made of high-polymer compounds that can be used repeatedly), freeze in the refrigerator the night before, and put it in the back milk bag the next day, can ice all day.


4. Back milk bag: It is recommended to choose a shoulder bag with a shoulder or a shoulder. If you put ice, the bag is still some weight. It is convenient to carry your hands together. There is aluminum foil inside the back pack.


5. Necessary breast pump cleaning tools, as well as anti-overflow breast pads and disinfecting paper towels, these can be placed in the company for direct use.


That is to keep the breast milk in cold storage, so is it good?


In fact, breast milk is an active substance, rich in nutrients such as immune factors, lactose protein, calcium and phosphorus. Although different methods of refrigerating and freezing will lose these nutrients, when it is impossible to breastfeed in person, This is still the best food source for babies.


The study found that breast milk after six months of freezing, vitamins A, E, B in the breast milk, most of the protein, fat, enzymes, lactose, zinc, immunoglobulins, etc. have been preserved, and the nutrition is still More stable, but it is best not to freeze for more than six months.


Some mothers also asked, what is better to store breast milk?


Plastic Breast Milk Ice Pack


Plastic Breast Milk Ice Pack


Here we can recommend two tools for you: baby bottles and Plastic Breast Milk Ice Pack. If you plan to feed your child for a few days, you can choose to store the bottle. In particular, the storage bottle is different from the normal bottle. After the bottle is removed from the nipple, there is a gasket to achieve the sealing effect.


It is best not to recycle the plastic breast milk ice bag. The residual breast milk in the plastic product cannot be completely cleaned, and it is easy to breed bacteria in the second use.


The breast milk taken out from the cold storage room is not recommended to be heated by a microwave oven or boiling water, and is thawed by a microwave oven or boiling water, which tends to cause uneven heating. If it is to be completely heated, the active substance in the breast milk is lost.


The correct method of thawing is to freeze the frozen breast milk first in the refrigerator, and then put it into the warm water of about 40 °C to heat the bag, or use a warm milk device. After the heat is good, the breast milk will appear slightly creamy, and the mother can shake it before giving it to the baby. It should be noted that the breast milk that has been thawed should be dumped if the baby does not drink it once, and cannot be frozen repeatedly!


The above is some knowledge about breast milk refrigerated, I hope to help the novice mother.

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