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How to Take Meals to Work Scientifically?

March 10, 2020

Bringing lunch at noon is a daily routine for many office workers. If you are tired of frying and spicy outside, taking your own meals is not only healthy but also avoids the dangers of drain oil and spoiled meat. ? Experts said: from the perspective of healthy diet, overnight meals should be eaten less, which is not good for your health, but taking lunch at noon will definitely cause health problems (such as the wrong choice of ingredients, improper storage methods, etc. ).


Let's let the Food Grade Gel Freezer Packs Manufacturer detail the three misunderstandings of taking lunch at noon:


1 with overnight meals

Making lunch with leftovers from overnight will increase the chance of food being contaminated with bacteria. "The big problem with bringing your own food is that you can't control the bacterial contamination. Your taste buds and eyes can't see any abnormalities in the food. In fact, the bacteria have multiplied in the leftovers." Some people think that leftovers are left in the refrigerator. Save without major problems. In fact, the temperature of the refrigerator freezer is 4 degrees Celsius, which is difficult to prevent bacteria from multiplying.

It is recommended not to bring leftovers for lunch the next day, it is better to prepare lunch that morning. If it is too late in the morning to cook, then at least it must be done. After making the dinner the day before, pack the dishes to be taken the next day, seal them in a plastic wrap or plastic wrap, and store them in the refrigerator. To reduce bacterial contamination during production and storage.


2 Preparing vegetables in advance

Vegetables generally contain more nitrates, among which leaf and root vegetables have higher nitrate content, so vegetables must be very fresh. After the vegetables are cooked for a long time, under the action of bacterial nitrate reductase, the nitrates contained in them will turn into toxic nitrite, which may increase the risk of gastric cancer. Therefore, it is best to cook them in the morning. Vegetables mainly contain cellulose and vitamins. Stir-fried vegetables or boiled water will destroy vitamins. "The cooking method that preserves the nutritional value of vegetables to the maximum is to make vegetable salads."


3 Serving meals in ordinary lunch boxes

It is recommended not to bring meals to work as much as possible in summer. Don’t use ordinary lunch boxes and bags to hold meals. Instead, use vacuum preservation boxes for meals, or use Lunch Ice Packs to keep lunches fresh, or put in special insulation bags. When it comes to the unit, it is best to put it in the refrigerator to minimize the degree of food spoilage. Considering the need to heat before eating, you can choose glassware for microwave ovens.


The correct way for office workers to bring meals:


After the dishes have been prepared, let them cool naturally and then cover the bento box and put them in the refrigerator.


Bring the food separately, otherwise it is easy to grow bacteria; glassware is recommended to reduce chemical reactions.


Microwave heating will cause part of the food to lose moisture, so cover or add a plastic wrap to prevent the food from drying out and hardening.


Because the unit microwave is public, cleaning is less frequent, and it is easy to breed bacteria, so it is necessary to put a lid on the hot meal.

The food must be fully heated before it can be eaten. Basically, it needs high heat for more than 3 minutes.


The above is the scientific method of bringing food to you by Food Gel Ice Pack Supplier. Have you learned it?

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