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How Vaccine Cold Chain Shipping Boxes Work?

March 30, 2020

Latest company news about How Vaccine Cold Chain Shipping Boxes Work?

From the production of the vaccine to the end consumer, the GSP vaccine transport box and other Medicine Transport Cold Storage Boxes are required to participate in the control. If the temperature of the GSP vaccine transport box is not accurately controlled, it will lead to a reduction in vaccine performance and a slight degree of difficulty The role of prevention of infectious diseases may also lead to serious medical disputes. The Shanxi vaccine incident is a typical vaccine accident caused by the cold chain of the vaccine. In order to ensure that the vaccine can be kept at the specified refrigerated temperature during the transportation of the GSP vaccine transport box, monitoring the refrigerated temperature can ensure the excellent quality of the vaccine and the safety of use.


The working principle of Cool Box For Vaccine Transport: The outer layer of the vaccine refrigerator is made of raw outdoor PP material, which is wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, waterproof, UV-resistant, and resistant to high and low temperatures. The heat-insulating layer is made of non-fluorinated polyurethane foam with a thickness of 4CM and a uniform foam thickness. It is cut around the six sides of the refrigerator without dead corners. The inner layer uses a white liner that can effectively reflect cold air molecules. There are partitions inside the refrigerator, which effectively isolate the vaccine from direct contact with the ice plate.


Every link in the cold chain will make mistakes and cause the cold chain of the GSP vaccine shipping box to break, which may be during transportation or during storage. Because the cold chain is a supply chain system with the core requirement of ensuring the performance of refrigerated vaccines and maintaining a low temperature environment, it has higher and more complex requirements than ordinary room temperature logistics systems. The temperature of the GSP vaccine transport box refrigeration facility equipment exceeds the vaccine. When required for storage, appropriate measures should be taken and recorded.


When the GSP vaccine transport box is in use, the operation of the GSP vaccine transport box and its temperature should be monitored regularly, and the temperature records at the time of daily operation should be made to ensure the quality of the vaccine during storage. However, the current cold chain system of vaccines is not optimistic. The GSP vaccine transportation box chain equipment is seriously inadequate in disease control centers such as cities and counties. The requirements for cold chain transportation are during the entire transportation process, whether it is loading and unloading, changing transportation methods, or replacing Packaging equipment and other links must keep the transported goods at a certain temperature. Especially in remote mountainous areas, disease control centers in backward areas, and hospitals, shortages of cold storage bags and cold storage boxes have forced the cold chain of vaccines to break.

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