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Industry Prospects Of Cold Chain Distribution

October 31, 2019

Latest company news about Industry Prospects Of Cold Chain Distribution

Nowadays, consumers are buying more and more fresh products online, but the cost of cold chain distribution is still high, and the quality of service is also mixed. In the process of distributing fresh food, some companies would rather risk losing, and also use normal temperature transportation instead of cold chain transportation. The small volume of refrigerated trucks, the energy consumption of refrigeration, the cost of storage and distribution operations, etc., have become the main cause of cold chain transportation. The cost of cold chain distribution is at least twice as high as that of ordinary express delivery.


Many people are used to searching for ingredients online. A large number of fresh products are not only cheaper than supermarkets, but also often taste fresh, get fresh food that is not available on the market, and also use Lunch Box Freezer Pack. Farmers in remote areas can also sell agricultural and sideline products that are difficult to sell directly to the city. The efficiency is improved and the opportunity to get rich is also coming. The problem is that transportation costs are too high.


People who have a fresh online shopping experience have had this experience, and sometimes the freight can reach half or more of the price of the product. Even so, the product is not completely guaranteed. There are many complaints arising from fresh and spoiled products. For fresh products such as fruits and vegetables, complaints from consumers are mainly concentrated on the picture description and reality of the business. There are big differences, bad fruit, sub-fruit, and bruises; When the fresh food category is concerned, the consumer's complaints mainly focus on the Cooling Ice Pack, the meat quality of the seafood has become soft and even water, smell and so on. These are largely caused by transportation.


Cooling Ice Pack


Cooling Ice Pack


It can be said that in the face of the huge fresh market, in the face of increasing consumer demand, transportation, warehousing, packaging and many other aspects are not fully prepared, dragging the market back.


How to make the cold chain deliver the chain? Start with two things. On the one hand, the packaging should be improved. Nowadays, merchants send fresh, mostly adopt the "foam box + ice bag" mode, and some even use mineral water bottles to freeze and cool. This increases the size and weight of the package, and the foam box can cause pollution, but the situation of melting the product during the delivery process still causes the product to deteriorate. It is especially important to develop and promote new insulation packaging.


On the other hand, transportation, storage, and transportation require more investment. For example, highways have restrictions on the size and load of freight vehicles, and because of the refrigeration and insulation devices in Cool Box for Vaccine Transport, the goods transported by the transport vehicles will be reduced. This kind of restriction is hard, I am afraid it is difficult to change, but the government department can consider certain concessions and subsidies for refrigerated trucks that transport agricultural and sideline products to offset some of the costs and increase the enthusiasm of transportation.


Another example is warehousing, the best way to reduce costs, I am afraid it is still large-scale. This can be considered to set up some professional cold storage areas around the central city or near the airport, where the electricity suppliers store goods or distribute goods. Of course, professional, subdivided transportation companies are also very important. Seafood, fruits and vegetables, meat and other goods have different transportation requirements. Different transportation companies and tools are needed to ensure their quality and transportation.


It is worth noting that there are some human disturbances in the various links of cold chain distribution. The person in charge of the cold transport enterprise reported that most of the refrigerated vehicles are now customized for the modification plant, and the technology update is fast, but the model announcement requires a long time, which leads to the inability of the advanced vehicles to register. Eliminating similar problems requires government departments to actively close the market and improve efficiency to create a good development atmosphere for this industry.


From the perspective of the laws of the market economy, as long as there is demand, there will be supply. Whether it is the government, investors or existing companies, it is important to recognize the potential of the cold chain distribution industry. This is a promising industry and should be more actively invested in it to develop and improve.

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