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Modern Cold Chain Logistics Technology

December 24, 2019

Latest company news about Modern Cold Chain Logistics Technology

In modern cold chain logistics technology, a new type of cold chain logistics mode is gradually emerging-refrigerated container transportation. This refrigerated incubator developed and designed by the cold storage technology has changed the previous high-energy consumption cold chain logistics method mainly based on refrigerated trucks, and has become an exploration for the current cold chain logistics to transform the economic growth mode and develop in the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection.


Cold chain refers to a series of integrated refrigerated solutions, specialized logistics networks and special logistics networks in order to maintain the quality of products such as hematopoietic stem cells, biological drugs, vaccines and low-temperature foods.


The existing cold chain transportation uses refrigerated trucks such as Medication Travel Cooler Pack, and the volume of refrigerated truck boxes is more than 1500 liters. However, there are great restrictions on multiple small quantities of goods such as biological agents and medical and health care companies. More often, these companies are often rejected by logistics companies because of their small volume. Compared with the new type of cold chain transportation, it greatly reduces the cost of the enterprise. Whether in terms of economy, safety, or convenience, this new type of cold chain transportation letter idea brings cold chain logistics A brand new space for development.


The popularity of in-vehicle travel insulation boxes is a result of consumption habits. With the rapid growth of the economic aggregate at the beginning of this century, when people are not relaxing and when summer is approaching, the whole family brings the old and the young to support their friends, Drive outing. For most friends who are keen on "self-driving", having Lunch Ice Packs is already a must-have other than GPS navigation system.


Compared to those high-end restaurants and hotels, more and more people like the beauty of nature and experience the fun of picnics in the countryside. Bring your own oven, cooking utensils, tents, fresh food, and drinks. These unique outings provide people with more fun and also provide a broad market for the popular lunch ice bag. The refrigerating boxes and insulation boxes generally have a refrigerating time of more than twenty hours. The self-developed cold storage materials, ice bags, and ice boxes will not only sell well in the portable refrigerator box market, but also serve some food products. A new hot-selling variety was added to the fresh-keeping market such as the fresh-keeping industry. The company's main focus is on the best-selling products in the market with temperature control ranging from 2°C to 8°C, mainly for customized vaccine research. At the same time, it can meet the low-temperature refrigeration requirements of biological products, frozen plasma, frozen food and other products. Technology R & D has injected technology, fashion and humanities elements that are more in line with customer requirements, guiding the new direction of technology research and development in the domestic refrigeration industry.

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