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Storage And Transportation Of Cold Chain Drugs

November 22, 2019

Latest company news about Storage And Transportation Of Cold Chain Drugs chain transportation has attracted more and more people's attention, and the pharmaceutical cold chain is the most important in cold chain transportation, because the safety of drugs and the quality guarantee directly affect the health of the masses. The Transportation Insulated Box Supplier will take you to find out about the key work of pharmaceutical cold chain transportation - transportation and storage.


Under normal circumstances, various types of pharmaceutical products that cannot be preserved under normal temperature conditions are preserved. Some drugs and drugs are prone to discoloration, odor, mildew, etc.; drugs are degraded; therefore, under low temperature and cold storage conditions, pharmaceutical products can be deactivated and the shelf life is extended. The medical cold storage is also known as the medical cold storage. The medical cold storage is divided into: cold storage of biological reagents, cold storage of vaccines, cool storage of medicines, and cold storage of blood.


First, medical cold storage


Pharmaceutical cold chain transportation mainly refers to the refrigeration drug transportation system project to meet the national treatment of diseases. During the transportation of the entire pharmaceutical cold chain, it is necessary to ensure the refrigerating effect of the drug in each chain.

The special characteristics of the medical cold chain are mainly four points:

1. Security

In the evaluation of pharmaceutical cold chain transportation services, safety is at the forefront, which is determined by the particularity of the logistics object.

2. Demand suddenness

Because too many diseases are suddenly erupted, and they are easy to spread and spread quickly, the demand for refrigerated medicines has a sudden nature, and the logistics service providers have high requirements for emergency services.

3. High cost

Compared with the cost of ordinary transportation, the cost of cold chain transportation is generally about 80% higher.

4. Professionalism

The transportation and storage of medicines must be operated within a specific temperature range in accordance with existing regulations, and GPS management in transit should be implemented to realize traceability of refrigerated medicines.


In fact, the supervision and logistics operation level of China's pharmaceutical circulation industry is indeed far behind the developed regions of Europe and America. In particular, there are more problems in pharmaceutical cold chain logistics. It is understood that the temperature and humidity monitoring system used by most enterprises in transportation and storage processes cannot view data in real time, ensuring that the supply chain data is complete, and the temperature record of transporting refrigerated medicines is continuously linked and can be traced back to the road.


Second, the pharmaceutical cold chain equipment


In general, pharmaceutical cold chain logistics will involve three major types of technology:

1. Mobile refrigeration technology, including refrigerant, refrigeration system, temperature control system, and auxiliary cold preservation measures such as dry ice and ice

2. Insulation technology, including refrigerated containers, incubators, insulated bags, refrigerators, Cool Box for Vaccine Transport, various types of insulation packaging methods and sealing measures, etc.

3. Intelligent monitoring system, mainly used for monitoring and management of cold chain storage and transportation processes, including temperature and humidity sensors, RFID, GPS and software management systems.


Cool Box for Vaccine Transport


Cool Box for Vaccine Transport


In addition, the core of medical cold chain transportation is not completely cold, but constant temperature, and the temperature is controlled within a certain interval (including cryogenic, freezing, refrigerating, constant temperature, normal temperature and other different temperature zones), and different products need different preservation. temperature. Take the vaccine as an example, its transportation requires a cold chain throughout the whole process. Once the temperature is abnormal during transportation, it will have irreversible consequences.


As a special item, medicines are related to the safety of people's use. Therefore, the process of medicine cold chain transportation must be cautious. Choosing a good third-party logistics is a responsibility to itself, the company and the society. It cannot harm others for a small profit. .

The above is the storage and transportation of cold chain medicines shared by the Lunch Ice Packs suppliers. I hope to help you.

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