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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cold Chain Logistics Industry

September 11, 2019

Latest company news about The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cold Chain Logistics Industry

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The timing of the development of China's cold chain logistics has matured. Cold chain logistics can not only meet people's demand for fresh food, but also minimize the loss and waste of food during transportation. Although cold chain logistics has many advantages, there are still some problems, such as low public awareness, backward equipment and so on. Reusable Cute Ice Packs Supplier will conduct a "character" analysis of the cold chain logistics industry.


Since the beginning of the new century, China's agricultural product storage and preservation technology has developed rapidly, the development environment and conditions of agricultural product cold chain logistics have been continuously improved, and the cold chain logistics of agricultural products has developed rapidly. About 400 million tons of fresh agricultural products enter the circulation field every year in China, and the proportion of cold chain logistics is gradually increasing. With the continuous expansion of the cold chain market, cold chain logistics enterprises have emerged continuously, and have shown the trend of network, standardization, scale and group development. When the development of the cold chain logistics industry is booming, the advantages and disadvantages are also becoming more and more obvious.


First, analyze the advantages of the cold chain logistics industry. First, cold chain logistics improves the fresh-keeping ability of food, does not affect the nutrition and taste of food, and greatly increases the storage period of food. Second, cold chain logistics has very high efficiency, food transportation between different regions. Very convenient, the food is still fresh when shipped to the destination. Third, cold chain logistics provides a guarantee for the safe transportation of food. Refrigerated and frozen foods require a complete cold chain logistics to control the temperature of the goods to ensure food safety, while cold chain logistics can be used for loading and unloading goods. Closed environment, storage and transportation, etc.


The second is to analyze the weakness of the cold chain logistics industry. First, at present, the implementation of standards in this industry in China is not in place. Many enterprises have not implemented according to national standards, and their self-discipline is poor, and the development of the industry is difficult. Second, the equipment is backward and the technical level is low, which makes it impossible to provide low-temperature protection for the Yiwo food circulation system. Third, the cold chain logistics concept is weak, the requirements of cold chain logistics are relatively high, and the corresponding management and capital investment is larger than ordinary normal temperature logistics, and the price is relatively high. People tend to prefer cheap and illegal products without knowing it, which also adds obstacles to the development of cold chain logistics.


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