The Best Choice For Cold Chain Energy Saving

October 22, 2019

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There are various types of cryogenic refrigerants available at home and abroad, and are divided into electric drive type (refrigerated vehicles) and energy storage type (passive) refrigerators according to different energy supply methods.


The existing cold chain low-temperature distribution process basically adopts the refrigerating truck refrigeration unit or the dry ice cooling mode. According to statistics, the refrigerating truck refrigeration unit has a fuel consumption of 2 to 4 liters per 100 kilometers, and the exhaust emissions of the vehicle are increased by more than 30%. The method has surpassed the refrigerated truck on-board refrigeration unit in terms of economic cost, environmental pollution and safety. The use of phase change cold storage materials as a cooling source is the best choice for cold chain energy conservation. Why? Our Square Plastic Ice Box Supplier to tell everyone.


First, the current situation of phase change cold storage material refrigeration Passive low temperature distribution refrigeration method is generally through the cold storage material (ice bag or dry ice) refrigeration, the use of cold storage material phase change release cold to maintain the low temperature of the refrigerator, thus ensuring low temperature cargo Safety, like the usual use of the Ice Pack for Lunch Box with rice is the principle. The passive type refrigerated incubator is the main way to distribute small quantities and small quantities of low temperature goods.


Second, a new generation of energy-saving and environmentally friendly dry ice type ice bag refrigeration method introduced as a new low-temperature logistics distribution refrigeration method, dry ice type ice bag has the following advantages:


1. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly dry ice type ice packs are cooled by storing the cold volume in the refrigerator and released during transportation. The energy cost is only 1.5% of the refrigeration unit of the refrigerated truck, 1% of the dry ice, and will not be discharged. Exhaust gas pollutes the environment and is therefore an energy-saving and environmentally friendly way of green cooling.


Low Temperature Medical Cool Box


Low Temperature Medical Cool Box


2, high cold storage, low dosage, can be used repeatedly, cost-effective than dry ice and refrigerated truck refrigeration According to the introduction, this type of dry ice ice pack is sufficient for cold storage, and will not release gas during the distribution process like dry ice. The amount of cold, therefore, under the same conditions, its actual use is less than dry ice, therefore, its overall cost performance is better than dry ice, in addition, dry ice ice packs can be used repeatedly, the actual cost of use is much lower than that of dry ice or refrigerated trucks. the way.


3, storage is very convenient to use, no loss and no waste. In addition, dry ice type low temperature ice pack can be stored like a common ordinary ice pack, which is very convenient to use. The customer only needs to be fully frozen in a low-temperature refrigerator before use. When using it, take it out and put it in the incubator and seal the mouth of the box to keep the temperature low for more than 120 hours. There is no need to buy it back as dry ice, so there is no need to buy back 10 kilograms and only need 3 kilograms. The other 7 kilograms are wasted. So there won't be any unnecessary waste.


4, not subject to aviation restrictions, the use of safer and more reliable dry ice type ice pack refrigeration process does not produce gas, itself is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, introduced through aviation safety certification and non-toxic certification, so it is not subject to aviation dangerous goods regulations It is safer and more reliable to use.


5, the temperature zone is complete with different temperature dry ice ice packs, which completely solves the embarrassing situation that can only rely on dry ice as a refrigerant in low temperature distribution. The dry ice ice pack can be kept at a constant temperature for 120 hours to ensure the safe delivery of biological agents and food.


Third, the status quo of refrigerated truck refrigeration low-temperature distribution Active low-temperature logistics refrigeration is the refrigerator with its own refrigeration unit, the common is the refrigerated truck with its own compressor unit. The advantage of refrigerated truck refrigeration is that it can maintain a low temperature for a long time. This low-temperature logistics refrigeration method is mainly used for long-distance distribution of large quantities of low-temperature goods, such as medical use of Low Temperature Medical Cool Box to transport medicines.


The above is the material that can be selected for the cold chain energy saving. I hope it will help everyone.

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