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Thermal Insulation Test Of Medical Cold Chain Insulation Box

November 26, 2019

Latest company news about Thermal Insulation Test Of Medical Cold Chain Insulation Box

At present, in the field of pharmaceutical cold chain logistics, mobile refrigeration, refrigeration box insulation and monitoring, pharmaceutical refrigeration packaging, dedicated refrigeration media, and unitized refrigerators are widely used. In order to meet market demand, the Internet of Things technology has also been introduced. RFID technology, temperature sensor technology, GPS technology, wireless communication technology, etc. carry out real-time monitoring of the quality of refrigerated medicines during transportation, transparent management and full traceability. What are the test methods and standards for the thermal insulation performance of medical cold chain insulation boxes? The supplier of Medication Travel Cooler Pack will come and tell you.


Cold chain transportation of refrigerated medicines has high requirements on logistics and distribution. From the perspective of a single enterprise, it is unrealistic and uneconomical to achieve multi-directional, door-to-door distribution services. At the same time, if the company's products are to be distributed throughout the country, it must be aided by Co-delivery with third-party logistics that provides complete services. In the past two years, great progress has been made in the joint distribution of pharmaceutical cold-chain logistics. Some cities have established social cold-medicine cold-chain logistics industry information sharing platforms, and established a pharmaceutical cold-chain logistics transportation alliance to achieve the joint distribution of refrigerated medicines. Third-party cold chain logistics should be used through analysis, measurement, control, recording, and certification. In the entire cold chain logistics process, third-party logistics has been able to meet the requirements of full-scale refrigerated transportation in first-tier cities, but there is still a problem of the last mile in refrigerated transportation in second- and third-tier cities. On the one hand, the thermal insulation performance of the cold chain insulation box should be more stable and reliable.


Cool Box for Vaccine Transport


Cool Box for Vaccine Transport


The heat preservation performance of the heat preservation box has higher requirements. The packaging form in the heat preservation box is generally equipped with a cold storage agent inside, and an isolation device is required between the cold storage agent and the medicine. During the entire logistics process of the incubator, the internal temperature data should be collected, recorded, and transmitted in real time. If it exceeds the range, the automatic monitoring system is required to issue real-time alarms to remind relevant personnel to take effective measures in a timely manner to ensure that the drug is in the entire logistics process. Safety and quality. The commonly used form is a cold chain incubator monitoring information system, which mainly includes real-time monitors (multifunctional monitors, RFID and recorders, etc.), temperature and humidity display, abnormal alarms, and the status of the incubator during transportation.


When transporting refrigerated medicines in an insulated box, especially when using the Cool Box for Vaccine Transport, packaging and packing of medicines should be performed in accordance with proven standard operating procedures. In other words, before carrying out the actual cold chain logistics process, the insulation box needs to strictly verify the operation regulations of its internal medicines, and carry out detailed research on the environmental conditions and personnel of the packing, specifying the specific conditions and The main purpose of restricting the relevant work content of personnel is to ensure the safety of drugs in the entire cold chain logistics process.


In summary, the application of cold chain insulation boxes in the pharmaceutical industry has become widespread. Under the requirements of the new version of the GSP, the overall packaging design of pharmaceutical cold chain insulation boxes needs to further improve some specific and effective standard verification methods to ensure that Effectiveness and safety in cold chain logistics. The above is the thermal insulation test of the medical cold chain insulation box introduced by the Transportation Insulated Box Supplier. I hope it can help everyone.

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