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Three Elements Of Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Operation Management

January 7, 2020

Regardless of whether it is a pharmaceutical production, management or logistics company, in the pharmaceutical cold chain operation business, the operation management personnel should mainly consider the following three aspects: whether the enterprise is perfect: Quality operation management system construction capability; 2. Operational execution capability; continuous improvement. The Transportation Insulated Box Supplier will be introduced to you below.


1. Quality operation management system

Without a relatively complete quality and operating system guarantee, the successful operation of the pharmaceutical cold chain is an unattainable mission. As we all know, pharmaceutical companies and enterprises need to meet the management requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GSP). At the same time, the ISO quality standard system is also an international standard applicable to the management of different enterprises. Establishing these standard systems for managing the entire company's operations is the basic framework for pharmaceutical cold chain companies. In addition to these basic frameworks, as a pharmaceutical cold chain operation, I also recommend that you consider establishing a comprehensive pharmaceutical cold chain management system. The comprehensive medical cold chain management system is based on the requirements of GMP and GSP for medical management, and combines the key elements of the actual operation of people, machines, materials, and methods. A management tool for quickly establishing a cold chain management system to manage and evaluate the cold chain management capabilities of related companies. Cold chain system construction management tools Comprehensive cold chain management systems have been implemented in many enterprises, including foreign companies and state-owned enterprises. Moreover, it fully reflects the role of rapidly improving the cold chain management capabilities of enterprises. Moreover, it turns out that once the establishment of the enterprise cold chain is completed, it will play a very important and core role in the basic guarantee of long-term operation of the enterprise.


2. Operational execution capability

After the establishment of the quality operation system, the execution capabilities of the key functional departments of the enterprise are the guarantee of the operation results of the cold chain management. Execution is an issue that every company is discussing. So what are the relevant factors that affect company execution? Why can't companies of the same size and the same equipment and facilities guarantee the results of cold chain operation of some enterprises, while others can do their job well?


The key factors for the implementation of pharmaceutical cold chain management can be analyzed from three levels: corporate leadership culture, quality management culture and evaluation methods. First, corporate leadership culture is the role of a leader. When business leaders focus specifically on execution and use actions to implement it, often companies have an executive culture. Combining this sense of leadership with the right management tools is bound to create a culture of full executive execution. Secondly, for medical management, an absolute priority culture is also the key to ensuring the implementation of GMP and GSP management systems. If the person in charge of quality does not pay attention to implementation and challenges implementation awareness, then a perfect quality system cannot be guaranteed and implemented. Therefore, the quality of pharmaceutical cold chain box management must fully understand the quality, and strict monitoring and implementation can achieve the desired results. Finally, evaluation. Items related to the cold chain, such as the Cool Box for Vaccine Transport, should be carried out in strict accordance with the evaluation requirements and standards. Timely evaluation, evaluation and scientific setting of evaluation indicators will be the key elements to ensure the management of the cold chain process.


3. Continuous improvement

Having a system and guaranteeing implementation is not okay, not enough. This is a continuous improvement on the existing basis. When it comes to continuous improvement, this will be commonplace. However, in the cold chain management of medicines, continuous new technologies, new regulations and new social resources need to be generated to continuously improve from the objective environment. Continuous improvement can be established as a routine work method according to the company's situation, such as special project improvement teams, continuous improvement projects for all employees, external consulting team diagnosis and other management methods. Continuous improvement can focus on different goals such as cost, quality and cold chain risk.


In short, pharmaceutical cold chain management is a systems engineering that requires basic work from quality operating systems to implementation and continuous process optimization to ensure the stability of the delivery process. Only practitioners in the pharmaceutical cold chain such as Medication Travel Cooler Pack can truly create application value for enterprises.

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