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Use and Precautions of Ice Box

March 24, 2020

Latest company news about Use and Precautions of Ice Box

Ice Box's shell is made of plastic PE material. It contains refrigerant and is made of high-tech biological materials. It is clean and non-toxic. It has excellent cold preservation performance. It can be used repeatedly. It has good plasticity. It has less deformation after freezing. High capacity, balanced cooling capacity, and recyclable. Its effective use of cold capacity is 3 to 5 times that of ice, which can replace ice as a heat exchange carrier to transfer heat. When used, it needs to be placed in a refrigerator to freeze. Also called ice skating or curling.



Ice Box


Scope of application:

1. For refrigerators: can store cold and save electricity, and keep food fresh. Keep the temperature low when the refrigerator is powered off.

2. For refrigerated transportation: long-distance refrigerated transportation of poultry, aquatic products and other foods, refrigerated transportation of frozen biological products, medicines, plasma, vaccines, etc.

3. For food: frozen fresh food, beverages, beer, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Ice Box

How to use: Put the ice box into the freezer compartment of the refrigerator to fully cool. Remove and use after 24 hours.



The ice box is for external use only. If the contents contact the eyes or the skin, contact the frozen fresh-keeping items, and wash them thoroughly with water. If you accidentally eat the contents, you should drink plenty of water and spit it out as much as possible. If necessary, you should contact your doctor.

Ice Box

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