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Use Of Ice Pack

December 10, 2019

Latest company news about Use Of Ice Pack

Ice packs are polymer refrigerants of polyacrylic polyols. They are an upgrade and replacement product of ice cubes. They have more applicability, and are easy to use, hygienic and widely used. Reusable ice packs are recyclable and environmentally friendly. They are generally used for accidents such as cold compresses and wound treatments in sports arenas or outdoor sports venues, or for keeping warm and fresh food, and refrigerating preparations. So what are the specific uses of ice packs? The following manufacturers of Small Reusable Plastic Ice Packs will come to tell you.


1. The ice pack is an upgrade and replacement product of ice cubes, which has more applicability, and is easy to use, hygienic and widely used.


2. It is used for medical treatment of high fever, cooling and antipyretics, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, cold compresses, sprains, hemostasis, suppuration, skin care and other cold and hot compresses.


3. Refrigerated transportation of various biological freezing reagents, long-distance refrigerated transportation of solder paste, poultry medicine, medicines, plasma, vaccines, aquatic products, poultry, ornamental fish and foreign trade fresh-keeping foods, such as using the Cool Box For Vaccine Transport to transport drugs.


4. It is used for sports athletes during training and competitions, such as bumps, sprains and falls.


5. Cold storage and power saving: When the refrigerator is powered off, it can be placed in the refrigerator freezer to extend the freshness of the fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator; it is usually placed in the refrigerator to save power. Maintain low temperature, keep food fresh, chilled drinks, and travel when the refrigerator is powered off. (Usage method: Put the ice pack into the freezer in the refrigerator until the ice pack freezes into a solid. Then move it to the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. After dissolving into a liquid, put it in the freezer and freeze it again. Repeat this operation. )


Lunch Ice Packs


Lunch Ice Packs


6. Pet ice pack: Do you have pets in your home? The weather is hot, not only will people feel hot and want to cool down, your pets are actually the same, this ice pack can give your pets a cool nest!


7. Cakes and moon cake ice bags: There are many ice cream cakes and snowy moon cakes on the market. You can put this ice bag with cakes and moon cakes together so that the cakes and moon cakes will not deteriorate due to the increase in temperature.


8. Ice compress: It is used for children (or patients) with cold and fever, physical cooling, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, fall, strain, hemostasis and other auxiliary treatments. It can also be used for cold compress beauty. (How to use: Put the ice pack in the freezer of the refrigerator for about an hour, then take it out and apply it to other parts where you want to cool down.)


9. Food ice pack: When you go out to play (or do business), you only need to put the ice pack with your drinks, water, milk and other foods, and then you can drink a cold beverage (Usage: Put the ice pack Put it in the freezer in the refrigerator until the ice pack freezes into a solid, and put the food you want to drink in the refrigerator at the same time. When you are going out, put them in the same bag.)


10. Bento and Bento ice packs: Among the modern office family, for various reasons, many people already bring their own Bento (bento) to the company every day to eat. Usually, they make the next day's bento and put it in the refrigerator , Take it away the next day at work, but the summer is hot, and the box lunch (or food) taken out of the refrigerator will soon absorb the heat in the air, causing deterioration, and eating such a box lunch (or food) is harmful to the human body Therefore, when you go out, you can put Lunch Ice Packs and Bento in the same Bento bag to keep the Bento low temperature. When you need to eat, you can heat the Bento to eat.

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