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Vaccine Cold Chain

April 15, 2020

Latest company news about Vaccine Cold Chain

The cold chain of vaccines refers to the storage, transportation and cold storage facilities and equipment that are equipped to ensure the quality of vaccines from the vaccine manufacturing enterprise to the vaccination unit.


Because the vaccine is sensitive to temperature, every link from the vaccine manufacturing department to the site where the vaccine is used may fail due to excessive temperature. In order to ensure that the vaccine used for planned immunization has proper refrigeration equipment in the entire process from production, storage, transportation, distribution to use, so that the vaccine is always placed under the prescribed cold storage state, and the reasonable potency of the vaccine is not damaged, our country Established a cold chain cooperation project with UNICEF. At present, all counties (districts) in 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country have basically completed cold chain equipment. The supporting equipment of the cold chain includes low-temperature cold storage for storing vaccines, ice-freezing freezers, general cold storages, special refrigerated trucks for transporting vaccines, vaccine transport vehicles, refrigerators, Medicine Transport Cold Storage Box, refrigerated backpacks, computers and spare parts.


The vaccine cold chain related equipment includes the following:

1. Vaccine cold Ice Pack

Low-temperature refrigerated ice packs are mainly used for perishable products, biological agents and all products that need to be refrigerated and transported. They can be used once or used many times.

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Cool Box For Vaccine Transport


2.Cool Box For Vaccine Transport

Vaccine refrigerated transport box insulation box is made of food-grade environmentally friendly LLDPE material, which is refined by one-time molding in the world's most advanced ----- rotation molding process, equipped with marine stainless steel lock, and rubber anti-skid pad at the bottom Non-toxic and tasteless, anti-ultraviolet, not easy to change color, smooth surface, easy to clean, good thermal insulation effect, not afraid of falling, can be used for life. Continuous refrigeration and heat preservation time can be up to several days, suitable for long-term refrigeration and preservation of any items, suitable for outdoor leisure activities such as camping, outing, fishing, rafting; also suitable for medical sampling, sampling, cold storage of biological agents, low temperature transportation, Blood transportation, etc.! It can also be used to store items that need to be refrigerated and kept fresh when shopping in the supermarket!


Relevant management system for vaccine transportation:

1. The transportation, storage and use of vaccines should be strictly in accordance with the relevant temperature requirements. According to the variety and batch number of vaccines, they should be neatly arranged and stored. There should be a cold air circulation channel between the vaccine carton (box) and the refrigerator freezer wall. Distribute and use the vaccine in accordance with the principle of "first short-term effect period, then long-term effect period" and the same batch of vaccines according to the principle of "first in storage, first out of storage".


2. Improve the cold chain equipment management system, establish a cold chain equipment account, record the name, model, arrival time and quantity of various equipment; establish equipment operation and maintenance record books to record failures and repairs. If the vaccine expires, it should report damages in time.


3. Cold chain equipment shall be managed by dedicated personnel, regularly maintained, and maintenance and temperature records shall be established. The cold chain equipment should be maintained by a dedicated person, and it should be cleaned and cleaned frequently. Observe and record the operating temperature in the refrigerator freezer twice a day (after work in the morning and before work in the afternoon); cold packs should be placed in a dry, ventilated, cooler every.


4. Avoid direct sunlight and away from heat sources. There should be space at the rear, a shelf at the bottom, and dedicated power lines and sockets.


5. All planned immunization cold chain equipment is exclusively used for storing vaccines, and no unit or individual may embezzle it. It is strictly forbidden to store other items and expired vaccines in refrigerators and cold storages where vaccines are stored.

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