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What are the development prospects of cold chain logistics?

August 11, 2020

Latest company news about What are the development prospects of cold chain logistics?

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iceboxPortable Medical Ice Box Supplierthat as competition in the agricultural cold chain logistics industry continues to intensify, mergers and acquisitions and capital operations among large agricultural cold chain logistics companies have become more frequent, and domestic outstanding agricultural cold chain logistics manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the industry. Market research, especially in-depth research on the development environment of enterprises and changes in customer demand trends. Because of this, a large number of excellent domestic agricultural product cold chain logistics brands have risen rapidly and have gradually become leaders in the agricultural product cold chain logistics industry!


Since some companies do not have a professional cold chain logistics operation system, nor cold chain logistics distribution centres, and the construction of cold chain logistics centres is a service project with huge investment and long payback period, it is obviously not suitable to establish cold chain logistics centres they. These companies can form alliances with social professional logistics companies to effectively use third-party logistics companies to realize cold chain logistics business.


Manufacturers of customized medical cool boxes suggest that logistics companies can form alliances with industrial and commercial enterprises to provide cold chain transportation services segmented by cold chain in advance, and output targeted improved logistics management and operation systems. Cold chain transportation is a key part of cold chain logistics, especially for dairy products, which require strict daily delivery. The quality requirements of fresh milk are relatively high, and special conditions are required for transportation. The retail industry has formed alliances with manufacturers to realize the quality of fresh milk transportation. Since the manufacturer has a complete cold chain logistics management and operation system, it can guarantee the quality of fresh milk during transportation and establish a transportation service directly distributed by the manufacturer. For example, some large supermarkets have established a long-term cooperative relationship with Mengniu, directly distributed by Mengniu, and use Mengniu transportation requirements and transportation tools to directly reach the freezer in the supermarket to avoid the deterioration of the fresh milk during the transportation process and cause major losses to the supermarket. Mengniu's credibility. With the progress of cooperation, the cooperative relationship established with customers tends to be stable, and the continuous accumulation of operating experience, through the continuous integration of the manufacturer’s own cold chain resources, social resources and their own resources, establish a scientific and fixed Cold chain logistics management and operation system.


The cold chain logistics of McDonald's restaurants is completely outsourced to a third-party logistics company, namely Havi. HAVI Corporation is McDonald's global logistics service provider, providing quality services to McDonald's. In order to meet the special requirements of McDonald's cold chain logistics, HAVI has invested in the establishment of a multi-temperature food distribution logistics centre. It is divided into dry storage, cold chain storage and freezer storage, equipped with cold chain cryopreservation equipment and cold chain transportation facilities to deliver cold chain goods to McDonald's restaurants with quality and quantity.


Co-distribution is a rationalized distribution form optimized after long-term development and exploration. It is also an advanced logistics method that is widely used in some developed countries such as the United States and Japan and has a greater impact. It can improve the efficiency of logistics operations. , It is of great significance to reduce logistics costs.


Due to the low-temperature characteristics of cold chain logistics, logistics companies establish cold chain logistics centers separately, which has high investment costs and long payback periods. And because the characteristics of cold chain food are the same, the entire cold chain logistics industry of society should unite and jointly establish a cold chain logistics distribution center to realize the common distribution of the cold chain logistics industry.


From a micro perspective, the realization of joint distribution of cold chain logistics can improve the efficiency of cold chain logistics operations, reduce business operating costs, and save a lot of money, equipment, land, manpower, etc. Enterprises can concentrate on operating their core business, promote their growth and proliferation, expand market scope, eliminate closed sales networks, and build an environment of coexistence and sharing.


From the perspective of the whole society, the realization of joint distribution of cold chain logistics can reduce the total amount of social traffic, reduce the phenomenon of urban unloading obstructing traffic, and improve transportation conditions; through the centralized processing of cold chain logistics, effectively increase the loading rate of cold chain vehicles , Save cold chain logistics processing space and human resources, enhance the cold chain commercial logistics environment and improve the overall quality of social life.

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