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What Kind of Lunch Insulation Bag is Good Quality?

March 3, 2020

Latest company news about What Kind of Lunch Insulation Bag is Good Quality?

When it comes to insulation packs, many friends will pay more attention to how the lunch insulation pack is considered to be of good quality. With the improvement of the quality of life, food safety is particularly important. Therefore, many netizens are used to bringing lunch during work, so they will buy lunch. Insulated bag to carry lunch, but at this time it is more troublesome to netizens, how can a lunch insulated bag be considered good quality? Today, Plastic Cold Ice Pack Supplier, based on his many years of experience in the cold chain industry, will talk to you how to distinguish the quality of lunch insulation packs:


In fact, the quality of the lunch insulation bag depends on whether the manufacturer of the lunch insulation bag really considers the user. In fact, when lunch is brought in the summer, the lunch insulation bag with good thermal insulation performance is more suitable for use with the refrigerated ice bag. And the thermal insulation performance of the thermal insulation bag to refrigerate the lunch carried by netizens for a long period of time, customers only need to heat the lunch at the company during the lunch time, so the quality of the lunch insulation bag with ice packs for summer lunch is better. The temperature in winter is low. You can put some ice packs or not when you carry them, and you can adjust them according to the temperature.


According to the above description, it is not difficult to know that the quality of the lunch insulation bag with ice pack is better.


Generally, when we use Lunch Ice Packs to transport food, we have a packaging bag to pack the food, such as plastic bags or other plastic boxes, and then put them in foam boxes, then put them in ice bags, and seal the foam boxes to transport and distribute. In this case, the ice pack is damaged and leaked. There is basically no problem. We only need to remove the packaging of the food package without affecting the food consumption. In another case, if the food is not packaged, put the ice pack directly with the foam box. Generally, we use food preservation ice packs for food transportation, the contents of food preservation ice packs, neutral substances, non-toxic and harmless. If the ice pack is damaged and comes into contact with food, it can be washed with water, which will not affect the consumption. Fish, meat and more. There is also a case where the ice pack is broken, mixed with food, and cannot be separated and washed. Do not eat it. You can choose to discard it, such as rice, etc.


As for the question of whether the food can be eaten if the ice bag leaks, the specific situation is analyzed here. The supplier of the Medicine Transport Cold Storage Box still recommends that when using ice bags to refrigerate fresh food, we must use bags or boxes to fully fill the food. Protect it, even if the ice pack is broken, it will not affect the food. It can also avoid unnecessary troubles caused by the damage of many ice packs.

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