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What’s The Benefits Of The Ice Pack ?

September 3, 2019

Latest company news about What’s The Benefits Of The Ice Pack ?

Here is a professional Reusable Cute Ice Packs Supplier talking about the benefits of the ice pack.


When we want some ice in the summer. The traditional hard plastic ice pack is very maddening in ice removal and cleaning. The feeling of powerlessness is really crazy. The Plastic Cartoon Ice Pack solves the above problem effortlessly. Each ice tray has a small cover with a hole. When the water is filled, the water will automatically fill the inflatable lattice and will not splash. Just push the grid gently when you take the ice. At the same time, due to its soft texture, there are no corners that are difficult to clean.


Reusable Cute Ice Packs

Reusable Cute Ice Packs


1. The water will not overflow when adding water to the ice pack.

The traditional ice pack is directly added to the water, it is easy to let the water overflow, and this box has a water inlet, and each of its ice cubes is made of silicone material, this material is soft and soft. When you add water to the ice pack, it will automatically expand downwards to form a jelly-like shape, so you don't have to worry about extra water running out!

2. It is more convenient to remove the ice cubes.

We used to make ice with ordinary ice packs. When the ice cubes are done, they must be punched and kicked. The ice cubes will reluctantly come out of the ice pack, and some are still very naughty. Sliding to the ground and now this ice pack, just push it up with your fingers and the ice cubes will pop out!

3. Cleaning is easier.

The traditional ice pack ice cubes are generally in the shape of a cube. Many small corners are forgotten when cleaning, and all kinds of dirt and horses cannot be completely removed, leaving a hidden danger. However, the ice cube of this ice pack is spherical, and there is no dead angle when cleaning 360°!


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