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What’s The Features Of Lunch Ice Packs?

October 11, 2019

Latest company news about What’s The Features Of Lunch Ice Packs?

The Lunch Ice Packs are substitute for ice. It can be quickly placed in the heat preservation bag to effectively reduce the temperature inside the bag. It can effectively keep the food fresh and suitable for school, work, outdoor activities, tourism and so on. It is widely used in the transportation of temperature sensitive products such as aquatic products, flowers and fruits. It can also be used in medical care (cold compress), sports health care, beauty care and other fields.



latest company news about What’s The Features Of Lunch Ice Packs?  0

Lunch Ice Packs


The ice box features are shared by Thermal Type Lunch Ice Packs Factory:



1. Large amount of cold: The composition of the ice box increases the heat capacity of the water by adding scientific formula, which enhances the refrigerating effect of the ice box, and can keep the refrigerating temperature in the incubator for a longer period of time.



2. Slow release: By changing the physical properties of the medium in the ice box, the freezing time of the ice box is increased, and the time of refrigerating temperature is prolonged.



3. The outer packaging is durable: the outer packaging PE material (HDPE) increases the compressive strength and wear resistance of the outer packaging of the ice box, reduces the cold embrittlement coefficient, and is more suitable for the actual application needs of the enterprise.



4. Safe and non-toxic; through various tests, non-toxic and tasteless, will not burn and explode, no corrosive

The company solemnly declares that no recyclable materials are used. The outer casing is made of food-grade raw materials. It can be in direct contact with food. The inner material is non-toxic and environmentally-friendly cold storage gel. The ice box you buy is safe.



If you want to learn more information about Food Grade Ultraslim Ice Packs, welcome to follow our website. If you have any questions needed to consult, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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