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Why Can the Ice Pack Be Cold for a Few Days?

February 25, 2020

Generally, customers who have such doubts are caused by reasons they do not understand about Ice Packs' cooling principle. Before answering this question, we can give a familiar example in daily life to help answer that: Why does the power bank can supply power for a period of time? It is not difficult for us to know from this issue. We basically know about the power bank. The power bank has a structure and a medium for storing electricity. It can temporarily store the power of the external environment in its own through the charger. When the equipment that requires electricity has no external power support, we only need to use a power cord to connect the charged charger and the electronic equipment that needs the corresponding power, and the charger can immediately transfer its power to and It is connected to the battery of the electronic device together. Why the ice pack can be cooled, the principle mechanism is similar to that of the charging treasure. At normal temperature, the ice pack does not have the cooling capacity. At this time, we only need to store the ice pack filled with the cold storage agent in the refrigerator freezer. At this time, the normal temperature ice pack is frozen in the refrigerator. The indoor room continuously absorbs the amount of cold in the freezer compartment until the cold storage agent inside the ice pack is fully frozen to a solid state, which means that the charging and cooling are completed. At this time, as long as we use it with a high-quality thermal insulation box or refrigerator, the ice pack will release the cold amount absorbed from the refrigerator in the thermal insulation box or refrigerator, so that the thermal insulation box or refrigerator can maintain a certain range of low temperature environment. 


So the question is, how to deal with the ice pack brought with the vaccine? Don't worry, the Cooling Ice Pack Factory can come and tell everyone.


As for the ice pack, whether it is a water-filled ice pack or a finished ice pack, it can be used repeatedly, not only in the medical, biological industry, food industry, but also in daily life. Normally, as long as the packaging is not damaged, the ice pack can be repeatedly frozen and used about 5000 times. Ice pack is a good environmental protection and energy saving good in physical refrigeration. Therefore, the supplier of Medicine Transport Cold Storage Box recommends that you do not easily drop the ice packs brought back by the vaccine. We try to recycle them as many times as possible to make the ice packs more useful. What about the ice pack brought with the vaccine? We first check whether the ice pack is damaged. If it is not damaged, we can store it in a clean place at room temperature or directly freeze it in the refrigerator freezer, so that they can be used again when the ice pack is needed later. If the packaging of the ice pack is damaged, it can be disposed of according to the daily garbage disposal method. The contents of the ice pack are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, which can be degraded.


The above is the recommended method of handling the ice pack brought back with the vaccine.

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